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Drew Murray keeps your team mesmerized, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation. He is an expert in motivating your employees, inspiring your clients, and ensuring everyone he meets feels like they’re the ones in the spotlight. Through a spellbinding stage presence and an innate sense of humor, Drew will guarantee your team an unforgettable experience.

Using magic as a tool, Drew connects your guests and works with your team to deliver the best possible ROI from your events. All of this through meaningful close-up and stage presentations.

WIN OVER Clients, Prospects, and Your Team!

Let’s face it – corporations don’t need magicians. They need results. This, however, is exactly where Drew fits into your next event. Drew creates a unique connection between clients, employees, and others by leveraging the wonder of magic, allowing companies such as Crest & Oral-B, Progressive, and Macy’s to put their trust in him.

Enchanting Encounters

Drew uses strolling magic to offer your guests an intimate, excitingly interactive experience. He is a master of working the room, fitting seamlessly into small groups, and distorting reality through everyday objects. Drew allows the magic to happen right in the palm of your audience’s hands, leaving them dazzled and eager for more.


Through a mix of upbeat music, comedy, and audience involvement, Drew promises you a stunning show as the catalyst for a mind-blowing evening. Guests will leave with  a one-of-a-kind and personalized experience,  paired directly with the memory of your business.

Drew entertained our leadership event in Mexico this year, where we brought in several hundred of our top performers to celebrate. He was a HUGE hit with our team! He’s an excellent magician, super energetic, and fantastic addition to any event! Can’t wait until we can invite him out again!
Ronald Walls
Executive Project Facilitator